Modern bathroom in luxury Australian house

New Technologies For Your Bathroom

When matters of advanced home technology come up, we intuitively think of smart TVs, smart refrigerators, and cutting-edge cook wear. Rarely do we think of the bathroom as an area fit for advanced technologies and new development.

However, the reality is, our bathrooms are increasingly becoming a relaxation venue and less of a place of necessity. As such, manufacturers of bathroom appliances have taken note of this new trend and they are continuously developing new technologies that you can fit into your bathroom. We spoke to WA Assett about some of the cutting edge technologies as far as the bathroom scene is concerned.

#1. Smart Mirrors

Mirrors are getting smarter by the day. As such, they do more than just reflect your image. Some, like the vanity mirrors that have TVs lying flush next to the mirrors while others have LED lights to light up your bathroom. Importantly, many of these smart mirrors are designed to have touchless controls for a stellar user experience.

#2. Chromotherapy Showers

While you may have heard about aromatherapy, where you use good smelling essential oils for therapeutic purposes while in the shower, chromotherapy works to achieve the same, only this kind of therapy uses different colours. This LED powered technology is designed to relax you while taking a shower. Integrated into the showerhead, this technology produces a wide variety of colours that have been shown to improve one’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Combined with aromatherapy, you get a zen experience right at home rather than scheduling a spur day.

#3. Smart Taps

While taps with infrared technology have been in existence for a while, new developments in this part of bathroom technology push the level of sophistication much further. For instance, we now have taps that have better infrared sensors. As such, they respond better and much faster. Furthermore, companies such as Gore have developed smart taps that can have counter to automate the process of opening and closing the tap while brushing your teeth. This means you do not have to waste water while you brush your teeth for the recommended 3-minutes.

#4. Advanced Toilets

Toilets have not been left behind either. Modern and technologically advanced toilets are quite different to the traditional toilets in that they come with the combination of features that allow self-cleaning, reduced water usage, seat warming, touch-free flashing, automatically move the lead, and do away with toilet papers (by using the water spritzing). All these features are designed to make your toilet incredibly convenient and environmentally friendly.

#5. Bathroom Entertainment

Bathroom manufactures are now producing high tech appliances for bathroom entertainment. Whether it is waterproof TVs or shower speakers designed for bathroom use, you are assured of stellar entertainment with these appliances.

#6. Advanced Baths

While baths have always been relaxing and enjoyable, manufacturers have found new ways of enhancing the bathing experience. Modern baths come with built-in chromotherapy function, electronic temperature control, and spur-like air jets for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Other advanced technologies that are finding their way into our bathrooms include new privacy glasses, stem shower technology, towel warming drawers, and digital shower controls.