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What Is Modular Wall Technology And Why Is It Rapidly Gaining Popularity Across Australia?

As Australia is increasingly moving towards a greener future, each and every industry sector is innovating with the aim of being more efficient while still being affordable. The construction industry has not been left behind. With the development of modular wall technology, this industry is introducing a new and arguably better building technology.

So, what is modular wall technology? Skilled Fencing tell us that modular walls are walls that are engineered and manufactured using expanded polystyrene (EPS) technology as the main differentiating technology. While EPS has been used in the construction of structures from the ground up at the site for a number of years now, modular wall panels are designed and manufactured at the manufacturing plant and later assembled at the site in a modular fashion.

In all cases, an EPS is used as the core of the panel and a laminate, such as fibre cement covers the core to create the modular wall panel. Although the thickness of the core can be varied to introduce different properties in the panel, nonetheless, the core remains lightweight.

Why Is The Popularity Of The Panels Rising Across Australia?

#1. Exceptional Durability: The combination of the polystyrene foam core and the laminate materials give the panels exceptional durability. Importantly, the laminate materials, especially when fibre cement is used give the wall panels exceptional impact resistance and resistance to wear and tear. This means that property owners across Australia get a long lasting wall that requires very little maintenance to perform consistently well.

#2. Cost Effective: Typically, modular wall technology reduces the construction cost by as much as 30% at the time of investment into the wall. For instance, unlike regular walls, you do not need to add the cost of drywall hangers, painter, or electricians. However, over the lifetime of the wall, property owners also enjoy reduced maintenance costs.

#3. Fast Installation: With modular wall technology, the wall panels, the reinforcement poles, and any other component of the wall is engineered in the manufacturing plant. This means that you do not have to engineer the wall at the site of installation. Importantly, the installation of the wall involves arranging the panels in place without involving intricate construction method. The net result is a faster installation process, something many property owners love about this technology.

#4. Reusability: The technology behind these walls takes into consideration. This coupled with the fact that they have exceptional durability means that the wall panels are reusable. As such, you can dismantle a wall and reassemble it somewhere else, without throwing away the materials used in constructing the wall.

#5. Sound Insulation: Due to the use of the EPS core, modular walls tend to absorb sound vibration much better than other materials used in the construction industry. As such, when you use this technology, you benefit from a quieter environment, a fact that is not lost from many property owners. This has made the modular wall technology the number wall technology one choice, hence the increasing popularity.

#6. Pre-Engineered: The panels are pre-engineered and manufactured at the manufacturing plant. Therefore, at the installation site, all you have to do is to install the panels. This negates messy construction works that require extensive clean up after the wall construction project is done.