Ubuntu Tablet offers all the latest news, inventions, gadgets, tips, and more relating to the home. The focus of this blog is wide and you will find many interesting articles and information. Time spent at your home should be enjoyable and relaxing. There are many technologies that you can use in your home to make your days easier and more comfortable. Keep reading to find out more.

Ubuntu Tablet is under the leadership of Mr Matthew Lonergan. He and his team seek out the best gadgets, appliances and more to make your home better. They try out all these things themselves and then reviews them and shares the best ones here on this blog. They also offer great articles on tips, tricks, improvement, care of these gadgets, and much more.

Ubuntu Tablet has been sharing helpful information and great technology for the home for more than 5 years and intends to do so for much longer. Technology keeps improving and more and more new things are appearing on the market. Stick around to learn more about these new technologies.

For more information, to share your story, or just get in contact with us with questions, send an email to info@ubuntutablet.com.au.

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