DIY Tips for clearing Blocked Drains Melbourne

In Melbourne and elsewhere in the world, the most common plumbing problems people experience are blocked drains. It’s better to be prepared when blockages unexpectedly happen. Blockages need to be treated ASAP for they can potentially cause water to leak in the drains of your home when left untreated.

Blocked drains in Melbourne can be unblocked using DIY solutions or calling in professional help.

DIY tips for Clearing Blocked Drains

DIY renovations and projects around the home have become popular because they cost the least. Blocked drains can also be considered a DIY project if the problem is not serious enough to merit a visit from a professional plumber.

Using a Plunger

Both a clogged toilet and a blocked drain can be cleared by a plunger. Before you plunge away, make the seal strong by covering any overflow spouts. The plunger’s up-and-down pressure can help loosen any blockages to make the pipes flow smoothly again. Solid blockages can be cleared by the plunger. However, it will not work for blockages caused by mineral deposits or grease build-ups.

Boiling Water

A blocked drain can be easily and quickly cleared by pouring a pot of boiling water into it. The hot water can effectively dissolve or loosen the blockage most of the time. However, using boiling water does not offer a good solution to PVC pipes. The heat used on PVC can loosen its joints. PVC pipes can be cleared using hot and not boiling water. Solid blockages cannot be cleared by boiling water. Only food or grease build-up can use this effective method.

CCTV and Snake

Severe blockages can be cleared using an electric eel tool or a plumber’s snake. The blockage chipped away by the rapidly spinning coil at the end of the cable eventually clears the drain. The snake will only work if the blockage is near the drain’s opening. They have been known to cause damage to the pipes as well.

Chemical Cleaners

Your local supermarket or hardware store stocks chemical cleaners for drains. Common blockages such as food, grease, and hair can be easily dissolved by the chemical cleaners. Yet, they must be used sparingly as they are not friendly to the environment. Solid blockages such as small items or tree roots cannot be cleared by chemical cleaners. Make sure to protect your face and hands when using chemical cleaners. The pipes need to be flushed with water after to remove any trace of the chemical.


Clearing your pipes with a powerful stream of water is a safer option to unblock your drains. However, solid blockages cannot be pressured away by the Hydro-jet. Besides, this should not be attempted on your own. Better leave this work for the professionals.

Natural Cleaner

Using together white vinegar and baking soda gives you a natural cleaner to unclog your drains. Pour the baking soda first before following it with vinegar. The mixture is likely to bubble so cover the drain after you’ve poured the vinegar. The mixture works by scouring and cleaning the pipes. However, this process has to be repeated for a couple of times before the blockage can be cleared away.

A blocked drain may be a simple DIY project or an extreme case where a full excavation is needed. Only a professional plumber is the right person to handle pipe excavation to fix blocked drains Melbourne.