Floor Sanding Brisbane: Orbital versus drum sanding

Are you considering refinishing your floor? This is an option which most home owners fid they prefer to do it on their own. However one does feel a certain kind of puzzlement when it comes to choosing options for floor sanding in Brisbane.

Usually there are two options for sanding. One is an orbital sanding equipment and the other is drum sanding. Choosing a sander would depend on the kind of floor which requires sanding, the experience that you possess when it comes to sanding the floor and the finishing which you are looking for. If all this sounds too much you could talk to a professional sander and let them manage the complete process. There are several contractors who offer floor sanding in Brisbane.

However whatever you choose, whether do it on your own or hire someone else, keep the following things in mind:

  • Drum sanders make use of a sleeve comprising of sanding paper which slides into a square shaped drum. When the machine is at work only a small portion of it is in contact with the floor. The result is a quick cutting action which cuts easily through the wooden floor.
  • Orbital sanders make use of a grinding action. It comprises of a sanding pad which oscillates back and forth. The orbital movement allows for a low impact sanding action.
  • Drum sanders are usually faster because of their deep cutting action. For someone who would like a quick and professional job drum sanders can work well. However, these require a certain expertise when it comes to handling it.
  • Orbital sanders are gentle in their action and therefore easier to use. However working with them is more time consuming.
  • Using a drum sander is a bit more difficult because of the way it moves you have to use a more professional action. Taking too long on a certain spot might result in it cutting too deep.
  • Orbital sanders require the sander to make use of their own w eight and are somehow more light weight. It has a random action and therefore you don’t need to follow the grain of the wooden floor to get a more finished look.
  • In case of both the sanders it’s necessary to ensure constant movement or the result might be a sanding which goes too deep in the grain and destroy the flooring.
  • Drum sanding is ideal for floors which have suffered damage and require a more grinding action, to bring a more leveled look. Floors which only require a little work would do well with orbital sanding. For narrow hallways and crevice orbital sanders work well.

Sanding can add life back to old looking wooden floors. Whether you choose to do it on your own or hire a professional make sure you go for a sanding tool which is best suited for your floor and the desired finish which is in your mind.

For more information, make sure you contact MJS Floor Sanding Brisbane.