Rock Garden Advice by Landscapers Byron Bay

Planting a few flower beds may be someone’s definition of a garden, but landscapers in Byron bay would say otherwise. A beautifully designed landscape can add a great deal to your home. Not only does it improve the aesthetics of the place but has a host of other advantages as well.

While lush green gardens and tall planted trees have their own appeal, there are some people who do not possess a green thumb. This makes them weary of landscaping projects. But landscaping is just not restricted to lush gardens, in fact there is one feature of landscaping which is beautiful yet totally easy to maintain, a rock garden.

Building a rock garden is one way of adding a unique feature to your backyard. It is also a low maintenance landscaping project. Rock gardens are a way to make use of natural material and creating a minimalistic yet classy looking space.

Rock gardens consist of plants which require little watering and maintenance. This is one reason why a rock garden can survive all kinds of weather and doesn’t require a great deal of watering as well. So if you live in an area where water could be scarce during the summer, a rock garden could be the perfect landscape for your home.

The best thing about a rock garden is that no two rock gardens are the same. You could incorporate your own design and idea and create a unique space for your outdoors. While smaller rocks and stones are pretty economical but larger rocks or boulders with special shapes can tend to be a bit on the expensive side.

You have the choice of choosing from any of the following rock gardens. Landscaper in Byron bay can design any of the following rock gardens for your home.

  • Japanese rock gardens. These are the epitome of peace. As soon as you enter a Japanese rock garden you would feel an inner sanctum. These gardens have a simplistic design and comprise of big and small stones. The ultimate in minimalism, a Japanese rock garden can add simplistic beauty to any outdoor space.
  • Rock gardens with plants. Usually there are no plants in a Japanese rock garden. On the other hand if you want to add a few plants to your rock garden you can do so with ease. You can plant lavender, scotch moos, lamb ears etc.
  • A hill side rock garden. If the landscape has a slope it can be turned into a hillside rock garden. Make sure you call in the landscapers in Byron bay.
  • Rock garden with a water feature. This can be relaxing as well as eye-catching. You have the option of choosing both a big and small fountain. The gentle sound of water and the cool breeze offers a totally relaxing atmosphere for your yard.

Rock gardens are the best way to add some beauty to your outdoor can be incorporated in yards of all sizes no matter whether big or small. Make sure you explore all of your Byron Bay landscaping options.