Specialist Furniture removals Wollongong

Moving a whole household, a shop or an office is not only about packing your furniture. It involves so much more which can be a stressful and trying time for anyone.

Make the move easier, effortless, and time-efficient by hiring the services of specialist furniture removals Wollongong. It will be your smartest decision yet.

Services provided by furniture removals Wollongong

The relocation solutions offered by furniture removal services are a holistic approach that saves you effort and time. This includes:

  • Removing your furniture

The lounge and the refrigerator are items that may sound easy to pack, load, and transport, unload, and unpack. However, it is easier said than done. In reality, these items are the most difficult things to do if done improperly. Hiring the services of professional furniture removals ensures proper packing and delivery to your next location.

  • The right packing materials and procedures

A move can incur damages to your possessions if packed wrongly. The right packing materials and procedures are provided by the furniture removals to ensure that your belongings are safe from breakage and other forms of damages.

  • Storage options

There are times when the relocated location cannot hold all your possessions. Or there are times that you need to store your belongings while you are still looking for the right location or going overseas. Securing your possessions are the convenient and flexible options offered by some furniture removal companies. Compliance with the requirements of the Australian Customs and Border Security ensures that your belongings are in good hands.

Other special services provided by furniture removals

There are furniture removal companies offering beyond what is expected from them. This is because they believed that their customers need more than just the removal and transfer of their possessions.

Some of the customised services offered by furniture removals include:

  • Exchange of foreign currency

Foreign currency exchange at competitive rates is one of the convenient services provided by some furniture removals. Taking advantage of this service ensures secure fund transfers to any part of the world.

  • Fast and safe transfer of vehicles

Some movers may own more than one car or different types of transport. Efficient, fast, and safe transfers of motorcycles, cars, vans, and even boats are handled by furniture removals. These could also include vehicle storage.

  • Safe pet transfers

Pets are beloved members of a family. This makes it doubly important to keep them happy and safe during home relocations. Varied packages are offered by furniture removal companies for pet relocations.

  • Valet assistance

Unpacking, making beds, setting up furniture and a thousand other household chores can be stressful. Moving into a new home can be a relaxing experience if one of the additional services includes valet assistance. With the valet services in place, unpacking and setting up everything in the new home is fast, efficient, and trouble-free.

  • Home cleaning amenities

Moving in and moving out of homes means cleaning them as well. This can be tiring as well as stressful. Let the professionals take care of this task by adding the home cleaning services to your contract with furniture removal companies.

House moving can be daunting if you try to handle it alone. The easiest, fastest, and safest way is to hire the services of furniture removals. Contact specialised furniture removalists to make the house move trouble-free.