This Ubuntu Tablet REVIEWS page shares the most recent reviews of the Ubuntu Tablet team. They find, use and review new gadgets, appliances, smart devices, and more on a regular basis. The team rates all the items that are up for review and give it an overall score. The best ones are shared here. If you are thinking of buying some new devices or appliances, see what the Ubuntu Table team has to say first.

ECOBEE4 Smart Thermostat – 5/5

Another great offering by Amazon. This is the best thermostat ever and it is voice-activated and can connect to other smart devices. Obviously, it also regulates the temperature in all the rooms in your home. We absolutely love this gadget and will recommend it to anyone.

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker – 4/10

This Bluetooth speaker has a few features that you will not find in any other speaker. It has a number of voice-activated features that can connect to your smart devices and hubs. It can do online shopping, read your audiobooks, and do many other things if you tell it to. It is definitely a good buy.

Roost Smart Battery Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector -5/5

The Roost Smart Battery can be plugged into any existing smoke detector and make it a smart device. That means that this device will alert you via your smartphone that smoke has been detected in your home. Very cool device and definitely must for safety in your home.

Google Home Smart Home Hub – 4/5

Google Home is a speaker that can connect with your smart devices, it is voice-activated if you have Chromecast, and it has a built-in Google Assistant. It is the topmost competitor for the Amazon Echo and it is cheaper.

We hope these reviews help you make good choices regarding your home’s smart devices and appliances.

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