Tips for Ducted Air Conditioning in Toowoomba

Ducted air conditioning is one of the best ways to ensure that you have complete control over the temperature within your home. For example it’s completely up to you to decide whether you want a room cooled or not.

This also lets home owners reduce their electricity bills. Air conditioning which works twenty four hours can make the bills go sky high. Instead being able to control the temperature means that the air conditioning is only switched on when it’s required.

In order to make sure that the ducted air conditioning stays in mint condition, do keep these following tips in mind:

Get yearly checks carried out by the professionals

If you want to make sure that your air conditioning system remains in great working order, an annual check is necessary. You can call in the experts and have them take a look at your system. They would car rut the necessary checks and maintenance to ensure that everything is in proper working order.

They would carry out the following checks on your ducted air conditioner:

  • Install ducted air conditioning sysytems properly
  • Ensure that the unit is working properly
  • Carrying out checks for any leakage from the drain pipe of the leakage of the refrigerant
  • Testing the thermostat to ensure that its working properly
  • Be on the lookout for electrical faults
  • Be on the lookout for the presence of mold which could actually cause problems if you have someone in the home suffering from allergies

Make sure that the filters are clean

Changing the filters on a regular basis is important if you want the unit to cool efficiently. On the other hand some filters simply need to be cleaned and not replaced. So make sure you know about your air conditioning unit. The best way to do so is to go through the user manual. There is complete information about the whole system. Plus it also gives you information on how to spot any problems early on. So make sure you go through the manual at least once.

Carry out thorough checks

It’s not only the filter which needs to be cleaned. There are other parts which require cleaning as well. For example the vents of the ducted air conditioning. Usually grime can build up on the vents and impact the cooling efficiency. You can make use of warm water and some dishwashing gel to clean the filters as well as the vents.

Educate everyone in the family about proper maintenance habits

One of the most common reasons for accidental damage to a cooling unit is its improper use. Normally we take the unit for granted when it’s working well. Sometimes the cooling unit is working overtime with no respite. This can cause things to escalate pretty quickly and you may need to repair the system after some time. Discuss the pros and cons of regular maintenance and proper usage with the kids as well. Keeping these things in mind would help you look after the unit.